We have lots of DIY at our new home!

We are moving to a new home and have had lots of things to repair and make the property liveable.  We had the option to hire someone to do the work for us, but we couldn’t really afford that.  So we decided to do the work ourselves.  We went to Lowes and HomeDepot got some brand new unfinished cupboards and some flooring so we could redo the funky cupboards we have at the new place.  You cannot put off repairs for too long on your home because in the long run your only causing more problems as the problems you may have get worse with time.  When you have stores like HomeDepot and Lowes you can get everything you need!


Do you need a legal translator?

When we were considering going on a trip outside of the country I thought we may need some kind of legal translator in case we misunderstand anything.    We do not know any languages other than English, so sometimes you just want to be sure.  We were going to the United Kingdom and we were going to visit family we have never met before and we have some legal papers for them as well as some for us.   Our great Uncle passed away recently and in his will were mention of family we never even knew existed and we not only wanted to meet them but we had some inheritance and belongings that were our great uncles.    He made it very clear who got what and what percentage went to each person, he even put in the cost of our travel time to meet the newly found family members!

Monday came but seemed like it took forever and we finally were at our destination and everyone was great. We all got to know each other, we ate good food and told each other stories about stuff we didn’t know.  We spent almost a full month there and I loved it!  I mean imagine never knowing you have this extended family in another country and no one ever told you about them.  When the reading of the will took place it was a shock to hear of these others.  It was a blessing to find them as well as the Legal Translator we found in London, UK!  I Learned all about them while visiting and how they are a translation service and the are based in London, UK.  If you need specialized high quality service for your personal contracts or corporate contracts they can do it for you!

I plan on going back to visit again really soon and will for sure use the same place again if we have any legal contracts to deal with like wills or even purchases.  While we were there we bought a vehicle and had to have it shipped home, again we needed help with understanding some of the contract.  They came through and they offered us a great service!


While on a trip to Grandma’s house mama found a Cicada out in the yard.  Well it found her because he flew right at mama and scared the pooh out of her! She grabbed him up!  She was telling me how she used to find these guys a lot when she was a kid growing up in Detroit, Michigan.  She told me about Fishflies too!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This is an ugly, ugly bug!  He was also screaming this loud scream when mama was holding him.   She videotaped this guy too, but she has to upload the video still.  It takes so long to upload to youtube.




hope you enjoyed our photos!

My cousins are girls!

Fun at Grandma’s House!

I have two cousins that are my biological cousins and 4 other cousins who are just because cousins.  I went with Mom and Dad to Grandma’s house to play with them.  They had more fun dancing in front of the camera though lol it was funny!  They are so much fun for girls and the faces they make for the camera are just so cute!  I love my cousins!

Mom took a bunch of photos, there is one or two of me and Grandma!

I have more cousins than these mentioned here, they are adults now.  I’m not far behind them though!  I’m already 10 years old!

CHOOO CHOOO Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Chooooo, Chooooo

While we were out driving there was a train! Mama had her camera and took pictures for me.  There is video but we do not upload that much now to youtube since they disabled Dad’s Adsense account.   Mama wishes she could download all the videos fast cause she wants to have them on the computer.   So here are some photos we took that night.  Enjoy :)

Happy Birthday Daddy here’s breakfast!

For breakfast Daddy’s birthday mama made him some deluxe scrambled eggs toast and pancakes for me and daddy.  We put a candle in daddy’s pancakes like a birthday cake!



As you can see Daddy had a grin on his face!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATake advantage of all the time you spend with your family!  You never know what tomorrow brings!

Love you Daddy Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Leo Baker!! You are 10!!!

Happy Birthday Leo!! We love you so much it’s been a pleasure having you in our lives!  You are one of the best things that ever happened to your old mama!   I hope your birthday wish comes true!   Mama & Daddy Loves you soo much!! I cannot believe you are 10 years old already, where has the time went!  Remember once you get older the time goes by so fast so remember to always cherish them special moments you with with your family, especially mama & daddy!

Leo made out good he got 151.00, his request was cash no gifts lol crazy kid, but he knows what he wants!

My Grandma had a tornado come through her yard!

My grandma had a smaller sized tornado come and tear up her yard, it shook her mobile home and scared her.  I’m so glad my grandma is okay because I really love her!

Burger Night!


This burger above is actually a burger I made for my son, he said NO Way to the bleu cheese and that was fine.  So I made him a stuffed burger with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and I seasoned it with marjoram, oregano, garlic powder, salt and pepper.

I made bleu cheese burgers for the parents they were delish!

These burgers below are the bleu cheese burgers!


So I seen on Diners Drive ins and Dives these burgers and thought hmmm I never had bleu cheese and I haven’t heard to much good about it.  I figured what the hay! I’ll try it! So I’m gonna just post the pictures in order you will see I caramelized onions(I slightly over cooked’em, but they were good still) made bacon.  I took the burger put it in a dish hit it with salt, pepper, and onion powder then topped it off with about a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of the bleu cheese. I mixed it all with my hands like you do a meat loaf basically and formed patties.  I cooked the burgers up and topped with onions, bacon then a drizzle of BBQ sauce and a side of onion rings with homemade zesty sauce.

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